Research Nurse or Doctor play pivotal role in any Clinical Research Organization for making sure that clinical trials are conducted in the best possible manner. This is done according to guidelines set by Medical Councils in that country or region. The doctors and nurses that move into Clinical Research Organizations have sufficient experience in their field of work. This is because the Research work takes place for a particular disease or general health related segment.

Therefore, selection of doctors and nurses takes place to conduct clinical trials across certain disease groups that are based on their previous experience. These doctor or nurses might also need to take care of the patients undergoing clinical trials and provide suitable medical advisory from time to time.

The main reason to recruit experienced professionals, for most clinical research jobs, is due to a simple fact that they can offer basic life support and training based on the requirements of clinical trial patients. Another important criterion for selection in these Clinical Research Organizations is the presence of communication skills along with sufficient time management skills as well.

This is actually required to accommodate a variety of activities that come up during clinical trials. Nurses and Doctors hired by a Clinical Research Organization should have suitable data collection skills as well since that is fundamental for establishing integrity of any valid clinical trial. They should be able to clearly state all trial procedures carried out and the same should be highlighted in a clear manner in the patient’s notes.