Health is one of the many things in life that human beings take for granted. Staying healthy is easy; eating the right foods, getting enough exercise, visiting a physician every 6 months, and taking the right amount of vitamins and minerals can help with day to day health. But what about those unfortunate and unforeseen illnesses that takes hold of lives and brings life, joy, and comfort to a standstill?

You can’t always plan for the future, and you especially cannot plan for the diagnosis of a critical illness, but you can protect your family from the effects if critical illness does occur.

Life and Critical Illness cover is insurance coverage for the eventuality of a critical illness. What does that mean? It means that if you buy critical illness cover, and are diagnosed with a critical illness, the insurance policy pays out the amount of money specified in the policy to cover critical care, medication, in-home services (medical and domestic services), paying bills (mortgage, credit card bills), and some policies even allow for family vacations to help the policy holder recuperate around family and friends.

Critical Illness cover differs from company to company. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to read the list of illnesses covered by your policy. This is important if a specific illness is known to occur in your family, or if you are experiencing the early warning signs of a particular critical illness.

Critical Illness cover can cover critical illnesses such as:



Aplastic Anemia

Nephritis (inflammation of the kidney)

Benign Brain Tumor

Heart Valve Replacement


Major Organ Transplant


Parkinson’s Disease

…and more

These are just 10 of the 36 critical illnesses covered by major Critical Illness cover policies.

Protecting yourself from all illness is impossible, but you can purchase Critical Illness cover and insure that you have the support you need to fight, survive, and flourish again. Also see Pension annuity for more information about annuities and pensions.