The adjustable bed has quite a story behind it. They were invented during the 1950s by Howard Hughes, the legendary aviator. While he was recovering from a terrible plane crash, to alleviate his pain and make him more comfortable, he thought of the bed which was made up of sixteen fully adjustable sections. During the 1960’s, the start of mass production and marketing of the adjustable bed was first ramping up.

During that time, another great sleeping innovation, the waterbed was being touted as a great sleeping marvel. At first, adjustable beds were primarily used by hospitals. Adjustable beds were seen as a great medical tool since many benefits to a person’s health was realized. Health issues such as arthritis, nerve pain, low back pain, blood circulation difficulties, water retention, GERD/acid reflux and joint pain were among them.

Once you get home and check out of the medical centre or hospital, it is important to be able to rest in an equivalent bed at home in order to recuperate properly.  There are a suitable range of sleepeezee and tempur beds and options for back support with adjustable features.

Due to the many health issues that adjustable beds would help alleviate, you would soon see them becoming popular in homes, and they were used as much for their comfort and convenience as for any health benefit. And they were marketed to people who suffered from an assortment of ailments as a way to sleep comfortably every night. With today’s advances in technology, adjustable beds have gone from being clunky, hospitable looking beds to having a more modern look. It has allowed the adjustable bed to be an attractive piece of furniture that can match bedroom sets rather than being something in the room for purely functional reasons.

Once relegated solely to hospitals, adjustable beds are gaining popularity in the consumer arena as people look at more comfortable alternatives to traditional flat beds. And with adjustable beds you can use either a specially designed inner spring mattress that was made specifically for adjustable beds or a memory foam mattress which can offer more comfort for pain relief without the use of steel springs. Adjustable beds have many benefits but pricing can be a bit more than conventional “flat” beds. But choosing which bed to buy for yourself is completely up to you, the way you sleep and the way you want to sleep at night.