One of the wonderful things about the human body is that you can most certainly get stronger as you age. Living an active and healthy lifestyle in your older years will make you stronger and more independent, and increase your levels of happiness and overall well being. It keeps your brain in tip top shape, fills you with energy, and enables you to sleep peacefully and restfully at night. What is more, keeping fit is a brilliant way to stay involved in the community and make new friends, as well as spend time with old ones. Encourage your parents to stay fit and exercise, eat healthily. All these factors can serve you well into your 70′s and 80′s whether you’re living in your own home or in a care home like Ashtonleigh and participating in group activities like walking or exercising.

The benefits of exercising in your later years are endless, so why not follow these top tips for exercising and get ready to reap the benefits!

Get swimming! Swimming is the perfect type of exercise for older people. It exercises every group of muscles in your body, making them strong and toned, without any of the jolting and strain on your joints and bones that activities like running and badminton can bring. That means that swimming is perfect for those of us who have weak joints or arthritis. It’s also great for your heart! Swimming for just half an hour every week can make your body look and feel many years younger. So why not treat yourself to membership of your local swimming pool, and invest in a swimming costume right now? Many swimming pools also offer fun activities such as water aerobics classes: done to your favourite music, a session of water aerobics is a great way to laugh and let off steam, and meet new people. And if you have never swum before, why not enrol in some swimming lessons and learn a great new skill?

Team up for tennis! Exercising with a few friends is a great way to make sure that you keep up with your fitness goals, as you can all motivate each other. Playing a team sport such as tennis or badminton with a few old (or new!) friends is a brilliant thing to commit to every week.

Try yoga! Yoga or pilates classes are an amazing way to increase your strength whilst also boosting your self confidence and independence sky high! Many gyms and other fitness centres offer yoga classes specifically tailored to older people, including those who use walking sticks or wheelchairs. So why not have a look and see what’s on offer near you?

If you’re not fully mobile, you can still exercise at home. A great rule to stick by is: do what you can manage! If you have reduced mobility, for instance, you can really increase your strength and stamina with some simple stretching exercises done in a chair for instance, or by going on a daily walk amid local scenery.¬†All you need is an exercise mat and a maybe a workout video so you can get into a routine. ¬†Dancing to music or even playing games on a WII are good methods of staying fit. Further ideas for exercises for the elderly can be sought from many different sources online.

Do what you can manage! Exercise is supposed to be fun, as well as keeping you healthy. So make sure that you talk to your doctor if you have any underlying health conditions to make sure that you choose the right exercise for you.