The origin of the sun goes back years, but unfortunately so will your age if you over indulge in sun bathing.

The sun produces strong rays that  penetrate the skin every time we are exposed to the sun. The skin defends itself by producing more melanin, which in turn gives the skin a darker appearance called a tan. Unfortunately, the sun is largely responsible for premature skin aging, skin pigmentation and causes wrinkles. So what’s the alternative?

Melanotan is a cosmetic product that is used for tanning purposes. It does this by increasing the melanin production that is already going on it your body. It is a healthy alternative to lying in the sun and is given through an injection. The “Barbie drug” seems to work really well on fair-skinned people who do nothing but burn when they get in the sun.

Melanotan II helps them to gradually get darker without burning and peeling. However Melanotan II does work for all skin tanning types. For further information and advice on melanotan, find out more on the website. Melanotan is a drug that is normally injected over a certain amount of time to give you a gradual tan that keeps you from being out in the harmful sunlight or lying in a tanning bed every day. You do need a certain amount of UV exposure however. There are two different forms of Melanotan. These are Melanotan I and Melanotan II. There is quite a bit of difference between the two and you need to know the differences to make an informed judgment as to which one you want to use.

Melanotan I also known as MT, afamelanotide, or Melanotan I is a straight full length peptide while Melanotan II also known as MT II or Melanotan II is a short circular version of Melanotan I. Both Melanotan I and Melanotan II cause tanning to the skin. That is pretty much where the similarities end. The major difference between the two seems to be that with Melanotan II you have the side effects of decreased appetite and increased libido. Men are especially prone to this but women have been affected. Melanotan II also seems to turn you darker faster where as Melanotan I has no such side effects.

Melanotan I has a wide history behind it. It is backed up by studies that prove its effectiveness while Melanotan still does not. Most people do prefer the Melanotan II.

Melanotan clinical trials – findings and information

When the subject of tanning injections comes up, melanotan II is one of the most highly regarded ways of achieving a bronzed body, and something which is proving increasingly popular. Clinical trials for this product have been successful, and involved injecting male individuals with a dosage that was much higher than the recommended amount, for several weeks. Side effects included mild nausea, fatique, and erections, which proved to be a direct result of the tests. Not especially surprising – many clinical trials of numerous products reveal similar results – but certainly something which was taken into consideration for the future.

The conclusion of these clinical trials observed that melanotan had an impressive tanning effect on the bodies of the tested individuals. The interesting thing, though, was the obvious tanning effect, despite a lack of exposure to UV rays. Experts saw that the tanning was highly noticeable to anyone, and that the quality of melanotan treatment was consistent in all test subjects.

It should be noted, however, that due to the aforementioned side effects, clinical evaluations of melanotan II were discontinued after these findings were further researched – all experts agreed that treating skin conditions and increasing tanning effect could and should be achieved without these problems. This is where melanotan I entered the frame. Once melanotan II had been temporarily disregarded, the research focused on this more refined skin treatment, designed to have a positive effect on rare skin problems, particularly those that would see real improvements from an increased level of melanin. As the tanning injections trials progressed, seeking approval of melanotan I, researchers used Bremelanotide – also known as PT-141 – which is also a melanotan II analog. First they carefully removed the elements that were responsible for tanning, then they sought the approval for sexual dysfunction treatment.  Further information on side effects and usage of peptide related products can be found at

Going back to the case of melanotan II once again, the problem, however, was that it had two effects, as mentioned previously: both increasing sexual arousal and also increasing melanin. This meant that it could not be easily marketed to a single specific group. All this means that you’ll find this product is marketed, solely, to those who wish to achieve the effect of tanning. Male users are advised to ignore spontaneous erections, or to inject a lower dosage.