“A few centuries ago medicine discovered that dirty environments had been the cause of plague and typhus in the middle-ages; now is the time to realise that the toxins and pollution resulting from modern civilisation are a major cause of contemporary diseases. Municipal and personal hygiene sorted out the troubles of the middle ages; modern life-style diseases can be addressed with a new approach – the internal hygiene of the body. In the same way that the hygiene industry came to exist, a new field will have to arise incorporating a sophisticated approach to cleanse the human organism of toxins.”says Dr. Josef Jonas.
We would like to introduce you to a globally unique and original treatment method developed by Dr. Josef Jonas, who has for decades been involved in a field of natural medicine called CONTROLLED INNER CLEANSING (CIC).
Our website offers information on how to find relief without chemical drugs through the use of purely natural resources.
Chemical substances, radioactivity, stress, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, toxins in food and those caused by industry, poisonous products of fungi and bacteria, drugs and many other poisonous substances impair the body’s performance.
CIC can assist with these chronic ailments; however, the best solution is prevention.
There is a factual evidence that CICed mothers give birth to children with good immune systems, without allergies, and with harmoniously functioning nervous systems. CICed people do not suffer from diseases associated with modern life style which have become the standard for today’s society.
We believe we should remove these toxins in the same way we shower, clean our homes, and remove dirt and poisons from our surroundings.
We believe we should implement the so-called “everyday internal human hygiene ” into our daily routine.
CIC is a process that pursues the TRUE cause and roots of illness, and the essence of health and vitality.
An important part of the CIC process is the original „Informational“ preparations. They target specific groups of toxins, such as heavy metals (Anti M), viruses (Antivir), or certain organs or immune functions (Spin, Imu, Aler). Our products combine theser with medicinal herbs and their by-products to enhance the overall effect.
How do you access CIC?
There are team of accredited advisors all accross United Kingdom. Using Joalis technology, they create toxic map of your body and determine the course of your CIC. You may find a list of their locations here.
Which health troubles can we treat succcessfully ?
Immunity disorders, allergies, gynecological problems, bone and muscle problems, bladder infections, skin problems, headaches, inflammations of the respiratory system, hormonal disorders, fatigue, depression, difficulty sleeping and many more.
CIS is a gradual, never ending process – the journey to the ideal.